Cute discovery

I have a habit of looking for cats that might be sleeping or hanging around my garden whenever I go out of the house. Here’s one surprise discovery at the corner of the garden, this cutey was sleeping in a most adorable way, lying on its back with all paws upward.

Bringing my camera, I tried my best to approach it with the silent art of tip toeing, I nearly caught a picture of its natural napping position, but unfortunately it woke up the moment my camera beeped.

But still I caught a picture of it looking at me in full alert with its body still in the same position, lucky in a way.

I might turn this cutey into one of my cat rubber stamps...


About doodletalesBlog

Hi there ! I am an art rubber stamp maker & doodler, I have been scribbling drawings on paper, books, my bedroom wall, tables, floors, & textbooks during my schooling days (to the extent that sometimes the text are illegible :) I do not follow specific trends or styles when drawing, I just draw what I feel & think is nice, most of the time, when ideas pop into my mind, I just let my hands work themselves, without any specific blueprint, I just make modifications along the way. Hopefully you will think it is nice too :) It will be an honour & joy for me to have you stamp my art work on your projects, I hope you will love my art work just like I do, visit my website at "" and check out my stamps~ CHEERS ~ !
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