Choo choo ~~ it’s a train custom stamp..

How are you people ? I recovered from flu finally… hopefully. It’s been a wild and long November for me, the flu’s been following me like a shadow, guess it’s time to sweat it out in the gym or something, I may have stuffed myself too much in the doodling room at night & in the office by day…

Anyway, I received a custom order from someone back in early November, the order is for her Baby shower somewhere in January 2012 (Congrats to Jennifer again~). She is interested in my mini train stamp, and then ask me to custom draw an extra flat bed train car to add to it.

Here is the Mini train stamp she chose at first :-










Then we started discussing on how the stamps would turn out, she requested that I make a bigger version of my mini stamp, then add a flat bed train car to accommodate four mini animal stamps that she bought from another company.

So I suggested & gave her two options of either having one flat bed car to stamp a few times for each animal, OR to have Four different flat bed cars for each animal, Also, I suggested on modifying my existing mini train stamp for her, so it added a bit of excitement to the process.

Here’s a picture of the modified mini train stamp, at a bigger size…










So I drew four different flat bed cars for her to see, and she accepted my proposal, here are the pictures of the final product…

First two flat bed cars…








…and the the other two.








And here are the Train & Flat bed cars together…


 The deal was about to come at a close, when she mentioned that all she need now is to find a present bundle stamp to go with the train set, so I proposed again on custom making one for her, and she accepted 🙂

Later on, she also wanted an extra Train stamp in reverse side, as she forgotten that she wanted it that way at first.

Here are the final products of the Present bundle stamp that I drew & Reversed train…









Hope this post made your day 🙂


About doodletalesBlog

Hi there ! I am an art rubber stamp maker & doodler, I have been scribbling drawings on paper, books, my bedroom wall, tables, floors, & textbooks during my schooling days (to the extent that sometimes the text are illegible :) I do not follow specific trends or styles when drawing, I just draw what I feel & think is nice, most of the time, when ideas pop into my mind, I just let my hands work themselves, without any specific blueprint, I just make modifications along the way. Hopefully you will think it is nice too :) It will be an honour & joy for me to have you stamp my art work on your projects, I hope you will love my art work just like I do, visit my website at "" and check out my stamps~ CHEERS ~ !
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5 Responses to Choo choo ~~ it’s a train custom stamp..

  1. Amanda H says:

    Very, very cute!! I know if I was her, I’d love it like crazy!!!

  2. Denise says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across you blog. I love your stamps. I also would like to follow you so I can check out the stamps when I have time to sit and search. My name is Dee:) you can check out my blog to sell my cards at,
    I hope to be friends with you. Have a great week.

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